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How scammers cheat on Yule

Yule how scammers cheating?

Before proceeding to the story of how the scammers wanted to heat up my wife for money, you should consider how the divorce goes on in Yule in general, this will give an understanding of the mechanics of deception. If you look into it, then in the real case, it will be difficult for scammers to cope with a prepared person. So, fraud on Yula – what are the types?

Sale of goods with prepayment

The main and most common type of how to cheat on Yule is a divorce for prepayment: the seller, receiving an advance payment for the goods, simply deletes his account or ceases to respond to the buyer.

Everything happens as follows. A good product is displayed at a low price, which, of course, quickly attracts the attention of potential buyers. However, the seller immediately begins to talk about a large demand and, allegedly to make sure of serious intentions, asks for a full prepayment.

At the same time, the crook can show correspondence with customers in order to prove the excitement and interest in this product, which makes people nervous and ready for anything. In one sitting, scammers on the Yule money transfer can get from 10-12 people, until the account is blocked by support for complaints of abandoned users.

The number of victims (10-12) was not taken from the ceiling, I watched one video where the fraudster shared his experience and called this figure. He said that the product cards were simply copied from other ads, and the prepayment was taken on average for 2 thousand per person. As soon as the account was blocked, they re-registered and repeated the scheme.

Product substitution

Delivery can bring you to Yula: fraud in the sale is only developing since the implementation of the possibility of remote sending pleases more and more scammers. The substitution of goods became possible not only on the part of the seller, but also of the buyer.

If earlier, when handing over the goods, the seller could cheat and slip you the wrong laptop or phone in a dark alley, now the buyer, having received the goods in his hands, can refuse it, sending it back, and get his money back,

Only here the seller can get a cheap dummy instead of a 10-iPhone, as, however, the buyer can get a fake if he inattentively accepts the goods at the pick-up point.

Scammers on Yule: transferring money to a bank card

Classic divorce, you can even call "the king of deception on the Yule" - this is a scheme with pulling bank card data, when attackers in the course of communication receive information about the name of the owner, the validity period of the card and the code on the back side, and then find out the text of the SMS and withdraw money from it.

There is such a fraud on the Yule in the event that the user decided to sell something, it does not matter whether it is a baby carriage or an expensive car. Scammers call everyone, for scammers it's just a conversion, and the more calls are made – the more likely it is that someone will fall for the scheme

The scenario begins with the fact that the conditional buyer is interested in the user's product and is ready to leave a prepayment for it, but since he is from another city,he can not do it personally.

Therefore, he begins to ask for the card details, and in addition to the number, which is sufficient for the transfer, he is interested in all the data. He motivates his curiosity by transferring money through the terminal, and in it he is required not only the card number, but also other information.

After the necessary information is in the hands of the attacker, the money is transferred to another card. Despite the fact that the scheme seems very simple, scammers can be very convincing, so warn your family and friends, share the article with them.

Divorce on Yule with a safe deal

The developers of the platform are well aware that scammers operate on the site, so they introduce tools that are designed to protect people who sell and buy goods through their site.

One of these tools has become a secure transaction, it really helps to return the payment for the product if it does not match the description, but at the same time it can be the cause of loss of funds.

Scammers constantly come up with different schemes. On the Yula website, scammers, through a secure transaction, cheat as follows: a potential buyer writes to you and after a short dialogue chooses a secure transaction.

Immediately, the seller's phone receives a notification from the alleged service team with a request to receive payment with an attached link to a fake site. When you click through and specify your details on such a site, money is debited from the account.

Just on such schemes of fraud on Yule, my wife almost got caught, I will tell you about this case in more detail.

Yula delivery: fraud with a fake website (my story)

The story began with the fact that the old begovel of the son began to interfere in the apartment, we do not have balconies, they are all combined, there is also no garage, where you can throw unnecessary things, so the wife, without thinking twice, posted an ad on the Yula, because she has some bonuses there, and put the minimum price.

Just the next day, a woman wrote on whatsapp with a desire to buy a begovel, without specifying anything, asked if it was possible to send it through the delivery of the Bundle to Armavir? After that, I gave a brief instruction on how to do this.

The wife, not seeing the catch, agreed, saying that she had not previously encountered this, but if necessary, she would sort it out. The " woman”, let's call her that, because she did not introduce herself, promptly answered the question about the cost of delivery.

Immediately, she writes that she has already paid and explains that the money can already be received, just click the "Get funds" button, while, as if simplifying the process, throws a link.

It is worth noting that we have two children and they are far from the quietest, during the negotiations they just shouted and played around, so the wife, without thinking, followed the link to complete the procedure as soon as possible.

Following the instructions of the " good woman”, the wife enters her card details on the page – number, first name, last name, expiration date, CVC-being sure that she is doing this to receive money. After clicking on the "get funds" button, it is transferred to the SBER page, where you need to enter the code.

After looking at the SMS that came from the bank, the inner voice of his wife gave an alarming impulse, it was written off funds, not replenishment, for example. Here it became clear that this is a wiring and the money was not lost.

Scammers of Youla with delivery should simply force the victim to click on a link in the correspondence that has a similar domain or the name of the youla site is present in it. In our case, the link was like this:

At a cursory glance, you might think that this is the page of the service, please note – there is a section written-sports and recreation – and the name of the thing-begovel. By clicking on the link, a person gets to a page similar in appearance to the standard pages of Yula, and does what he was previously written in correspondence, in other words, begins to enter card data.

Here it is worth making a reservation that the card data entered in the fields automatically is written in the form of transferring money from card to card, just crooks through the frame or some other tools substitute another form.

Accordingly, by entering the data and clicking the "Get money" button, the victim simply transfers the money to the crooks ' card, it remains only to enter the code from the sms and that's it – the person is poorer, the fraudster is richer.

How to find a fraudster on Yule

You can protect yourself from scammers on Yule, for this there are a number of points that you need to pay attention to when communicating with a potential buyer or seller. It is worth noting that this also works on other free ad platforms, such as Avito.

So the main points, in the presence of which you need to be wary:

a person tries to drag a conversation from Yula to messengers so that the site does not block it when sending you phishing links, and also so that you do not call him from the site;

he asks you for a mailbox: he needs it to send you a fake letter with a form of payment or conditional refund, if you enter your card details in it, the money will be debited;

if you have been sent a link to pay, you should not click on it, it is not required on Yule and the link will lead to a fraudulent website where you will be asked to enter your card details allegedly for making delivery;

the seller is trying to find out from you the SMS that is supposedly needed to complete a Secure transaction, in fact, he is trying to enter your personal account and cancel the transaction, taking possession of the money;

the price of the product is very low, while the seller behaves gallantly and answers all questions, this should serve as a certain bell for you.

If you just keep these points in mind during the negotiation process, the risk of being deceived is significantly reduced, even if you are very professionally handled by scammers on Yule.

In any incomprehensible situation, take a break and think, write a question in support of Yula, the most important thing is not to rush, this is exactly what crooks need.

Fraud on Yula: the main conclusions

To sell or buy something is always accompanied by a certain amount of stress, subconsciously you want to quickly complete this business, get money and move on. Often scammers on Yule use this.

Scammers, knowing the principles of social engineering, begin to further adjust the future victim, well aware that in the process of rapid decision-making, many can not concentrate.

All this, in my opinion, is the root cause of why the scammers of Yula quite easily deceive people. My advice to you: treat the purchase or sale of things calmly, do not give in when you start to rush, and do not be fooled by the low price, monitor the market.

And if you were deceived on Yule or another site, write in the comments under what circumstances this happened, thereby you will help those users who are looking for information about this and your comment can be decisive and save the wallet of a particular person.

For your peace of mind, we have compiled a complete list of unscrupulous brokers.


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