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Where do 'info-gypsies' come from: who are they, the whole truth about info-gypsy, signs and examples

Where do


Where do "infotsigans" come from": who are they, the whole truth about infotsygans, signs and examples. Infotsigans have filled the entire Internet space with ads for their training “super-courses " - and this is no exaggeration. Instagram, VKontakte, forums, public sites, YouTube channels-coaches of successful success of different colors and calibers climb like cockroaches into our lives.

The essence of the “services” provided by them is always the same everywhere: come to me for training, and I will try! You will definitely become as rich and successful as I am! But in fact, all this herd of infotsigans just skillfully use the two main vices of people-laziness and greed.

Moreover, it should be clearly understood that today's information Gypsies are those who skillfully mimic the changing situation in the country, in the labor market, and even the mood of people. And today they teach success, tomorrow how to make money on the coronovirus.

In this article, I will tell you where the "infotsygans" come from, who they really are, and by what criteria and characteristics they can be distinguished from ordinary coaches and coaches. Infotsigans: who is this, signs of an infotsigan in the Internet space

As you probably already understood from the introduction, dealing with these individuals is not pure :) But still, infotsigans – who are they?

Infotsigans are an interesting class of users who offer training in something according to their own author's methodology. At least, this is how they have proven themselves in the Internet space, but everything is not so simple.

As I said earlier, Infotsygans are adept at adapting to the modern environment. Today, an infotsigan can be, for example, “number one in China”, tomorrow – a " super-guru” for the production of traffic on the network, and the day after tomorrow already promises to restore the USSR and give each of its citizens multimillion-dollar compensation :)

However, there are some signs of an infotsigan, thanks to which you can easily calculate the " vodogon”, hanging people noodles. It is worth doing this in advance, since, unfortunately, its only purpose is not your training and well-being, but your wallet

I have been researching the topic of domestic infocyganism for a long time, and it is “close”to me in its own way. It is close in the sense that there was a time when I myself was actively looking for the “only working course" or "the best method”.

As time went on, I honestly tried to evolve, and now I can share with you some of my in-depth experience about infotsigans: squeezing out the signs characteristic of all info gypsies and vodogons without exception.

Tales of a difficult childhood

So, absolutely every self-respecting info-Gypsy, no matter how old he is, is specifically " beaten by life” :) He “prokhaval” (sorry for the expression) “ " prokushal” and experienced all the difficulties of life, hardships and hardships from early childhood.

Moreover, the more difficult his life was, the more difficult his childhood was, the more respect and trust he arouses among his adherents.

However, if you Google a little and dig into open sources, it turns out that most Infotsygans were brought up in very well-off families. And often, on closer inspection, the parents of many young and early “infobusinessmen " turn out to be very successful entrepreneurs or factory directors.

And all these tearful, touching and pitiful stories about how they “climbed", ate "Doshiraki", had an earthen floor in their home, from which mushrooms grew, they need only to expand the circle of their future and present customers.

After all, it is much easier to sell people the hope of a successful and comfortable life with a minimum of time spent, and in general any significant effort.

By the way, about the mushrooms sticking out of the dirt floor in the middle of the room, a very real story of one of the infotsigans – Ayaz Shabutdinov, whose father at that time was running the Kuedinsky beer canning factory, and his mother was engaged in a successful business

And such "nuggets” - infotsygans with " difficult childhood and wooden toys", almost 100%. And since they understand that seventy percent of our people are not satisfied with the current financial situation, they are all potential customers.

I'm fabulously rich – I can teach you!

In order to transfer potential clients to a group of real ones, infotsigans, in addition to stories about a difficult childhood, tell about their income, which is also a sign of infotsiganism.

All infotsigans talk about such sums of their income that ordinary mortals like you and me could not even dream of. They talk about hundreds of millions of dollars in profits in a rather matter-of-fact way, and with a kind of mock boredom.

But what is interesting is that they continue to sell their "earning courses” and" super-techniques " for getting rich quickly. Why and what is the point of doing this with such a stunning success in life? :)

At the same time, they, of course, can not document the voiced information about excess profits, and indeed at least some income.

Many of these “bigwigs of business” do not even have registration as an individual entrepreneur, and if they do, then the financial statements that are easily broken through on the same "Rusprofile". And, of course, the profit, judging by the reports, is zero.

Infotsygans have the same procedure in this regard: just lie about the amount of earnings as much as possible! And, tellingly, the only proof of their " success” is their own social media accounts.networks.

In the social network. on social networks, they regularly post photos in rented cars, expensive hotels and restaurants. At the same time, without being embarrassed or blushing, under each photo they write that they are ready to teach everyone how to live in luxury and not to strain themselves.

You will be convinced that you are the lucky one of the lucky ones, because not everyone in life gets such a chance. After all, at this very moment you have a “unique " opportunity to change everything in your life.

Next comes the chatter about bosses, alarm clocks and Mondays, about working for yourself and not for your uncle, about a bright future in which you can get away right from your factory floor or stuffy office. And to do this, you just need to go to the "super-guru" website.

Exposing infotsigans: how to find out scammers on the site

Infotsigan sites are usually one-page sites with huge figures of your income in the future. And so that you do not doubt, you will be shown a lot of laudatory reviews without the opportunity to leave your own.

And if you “poke around " a little on the Internet and look at reviews on third-party resources, the picture will change by 180 degrees. You will find that not everything is as beautiful and smooth as you were told.

People who attended such events, at best, will say that they received some short-term motivation. And the training itself is not worth a penny and is freely lying around in the open access.

On the information sites themselves, everything is done and sharpened for one purpose – to make sure that you pay for participation in the training, or buy a course. To do this, the site is scattered with a lot of lures, loud promises, marketing techniques.

For example, a game with a price is always used when you are told that only today, only now, and only for you, you can buy a course or training worth 100,000 rubles for just 50,000 rubles

And even at this moment, few of the site's visitors are aware that this is just a manipulation of their consciousness and a game of greed and love for freebies.

The next method of infotsigans on their websites is to "reward" themselves with various titles, titles, and regalia. Like "number one in business with China”, "number one expert in changing consciousness", " best in earning money on affiliate programs” , etc., etc.

And the most interesting thing is that yesterday no one even heard about all these “namber one” in various fields, and today they are already ready to share with you all the secrets of success and for a small fee (for such and such "knowledge"!), although they themselves do not seem to need money :)

Lack of conscience and abstract expressions are about infotsygans

When you come to the attention of an infotsigan, for example, when attending a webinar, seminar, or free training, he will always and in all ways try to sell you his pseudo-services!

He will literally dance a hopak in front of you, telling you that he understands how ordinary people suffer because of the lack of money, because “once he lived like this”.

But in fact, he is least concerned about your problems, what is going on in your soul from hopelessness and hopelessness! It generally “does not care” about your inclinations, preferences and life experience.

He simply does not care about your complete lack of entrepreneurial spirit, and in general, the propensity to create and develop your own business. He will never tell you that business is hard, difficult, risky, sometimes dangerous, and about the fact that this event, in principle, is not for everyone.

His only goal is to extort as much money from you as possible, to dilute it for the purchase of the next course, which is “the meat itself”, which is "generally a bomb".

Such people lack compassion, conscience, and honor. They will immediately program you quite skillfully to the fact that if someone dissuades you from buying a training or course, then you do not need to listen to such a person.

After all, who can refuse such knowledge? Only, according to the fraudster, an envious, beggar, coward who does not want to change anything in his life and just sits in his cozy swamp.

Absolutely every infotsigan, vodogon, pseudo-business coach, uses various abstract speech constructions in his appeals to the audience and potential clients.

Such as: "Your life will never be the same”, “You will reach a new level” “" You will upgrade your skills”, "You will make a quantum leap”," Training will change your views on business”, etc., etc.

In general, just a set of words without any specifics, just " water” is not about anything! And the so-called training courses themselves have the same content. Whatever you want to discover, info gypsies are right there, because they are “experts”in all areas.

Infotsigans of Russia: course sales methods

Infotsygans always use quite aggressive marketing. If you just leave your coordinates, whether it's a phone number or an email address, you will be literally bombarded with intrusive calls and emails. Infotsygans always impose their leaky goods! Even at this point, you can judge the quality of the product, because really good products will never be sold by anyone.

Since the Infotsygans sell the void, and they themselves understand this very well, over time, even a separate class of representatives appeared – these passengers do not train at all, they just take money allegedly for training, as a fee for entry or partnership in a highly profitable invented business, and then "get lost in the sunset". They promise, they feed you breakfast, then they just don't get in touch.

The brightest representative of this direction of infocyganism is Artem Maslov, aka "curtain”, aka "curtain". Like all his brothers in mind, he likes to flaunt his " wealth”, watch-trinkets and with all his strength pretends to be an important businessman.

Has a 9-grade education, the author of the phrase ”Don't choose don't choose”, threw in his hometown on the money of the grandmother of his then girlfriend.

He would still be trading in kidkami today, if not for one thing-he was taken under investigation in Dubai, for desecrating their local currency)) And if he is extradited to Russia, then a criminal case has already been opened against him under the article fraud in especially large ones.

This is not a distant person in the video stuffed Dirhams between his toes, bragging about how rich he is:)

In general, a megamind, an intellectual, just a scoundrel and at the same time a classic example of a graduate of the Business school Youth, in which he studied.

The most famous infotsigans-Business Youth

Almost all of the current grown-up infotsyganyata are graduates of the Business Youth of different streams. Today, BM is the largest domestic incubator of infocygans. It is thanks to them that the list of Infotsygans (Russia) is replenished with new names.

There is a fairly clear pattern with the signs: infotsygans supplement the list of participants with their own kind, which is why there are similar features when Infotsygans breed their own kind

The founders of BM Osipov and Dashkiev never had their own real business. There were legends about a difficult adolescence, when the work path of the Axis began with a janitor, then with a loader. And later he worked as an assistant to the deputy, whose name is still strictly classified.

There were delusional stories about tuning cars with LED bulbs, selling windows, fur coats, and flowers. But this is just an unconfirmed infotsigan nonsense.

The same nonsense is carried by graduates of the BM, who “prochuhali” how to make money by babbling. Leaving the BM in huge crowds, they continue the work of their teachers-Osipov and Dashkiev, and why do the Infotsygans give examples to future "colleagues"in this way?

And none of them came up with anything new! They all come up with success stories, companies that allegedly bring them fabulous money, and then just engage in outright fraud.

Infotsigans: a list of people

There are also more cunning pretzels among them: in the top infotsigans, in my opinion, who have retreated from the boilerplate BM, is Sergey Kosenko, who immediately after the" famous " school began to actively sell his obviously failed franchise.

After all, if in an ordinary working franchise it takes years to regulate all business processes, then in the infotsigan franchise "from Kosenko” he just first opened a couple of outlets selling his famous Runet sweaters with deer, socks" from grandma”, and home fragrances.

And then, in my opinion, the mass hanging of noodles and the sale of “franchises” began, because a certain part of people who wanted to have their own business “fell for” all the information-Gypsy techniques described by me above, among which were stories about hundreds of stores opened in Russia, happy franchisees, million-dollar profits.

In fact, people with these franchises, many of which, by the way, were bought with borrowed funds, so got that “mama do not grieve”: they are still paying off, simultaneously noting all their mistakes, starting from the seasonality of the goods and ending with obscene words addressed to Kosenko, who turned out to be just a fabulous babbler.

After all, often, as the owners of franchises told on YouTube, the franchisee received the wrong product, and even of poor quality and with wild delays. There was no question of any support, advice, or assistance in business development.

In general, everything is as always with infotsygans: only Kosenko earned money on this. The sale of not always profitable business under the guise of a franchise, lump-sum contributions, wild margins on shitty goods for their "partners" - this is a small profit for Kosenko.

Infotsygans have now formed a whole army, and they all come to this conversational genre from different areas. Take for example such a character as Nikita Konev-infotsygan, who used to work in the OMON, then bam-and became a coach of successful success! :)

He lived on thirty a month, abruptly transformed into a dollar millionaire who undertakes to teach people to create a passive income for themselves in two (!) months.

At the same time, in various sources, he talks about eight or twelve different businesses that he "allegedly" owns and develops. When does he, I wonder, have time to develop them, if he spends all his time selling his courses online!?

The cost of the courses, by the way, starts from...150 rubles! And this is an offer from a person who owns two lams of evergreen money :)

And here are such characters of infotsigans today just " the sea is pouring” on the Internet, you can sit and list and list. Therefore, armed with the signs, try to make your own list, at the same time to the end you will understand the infotsygans still who they are!

Key findings

Answering the question posed at the beginning of the article: "Where do infotsygans come from?", I think it should be answered in such a way that their greed, desire for profit and other infotsyganva, which sets an example of easy earnings on ordinary people, give rise to them.

But no matter how” popular love " infotsygans enjoy, the main problem, as I believe, is not in them but in us. More precisely, in our credulity, laziness and craving for freebies, in our unwillingness to even really understand what kind of coach such a picture is.

Who is he, where is he, what kind of education, what kind of documentary evidence of his words and promises? After all, this whole story with infotsigans, no matter how much they are exposed, will continue until we learn how to verify information.

Fortunately, today this is not a problem at all, and it is very easy to check any company, income statements, the presence of successful students and projects.

And for many "gurus", even no checks are necessary, everything is already on the surface, as in the cases described in the article. I hope it was useful for you, and I will be glad to hear from you.

And if you have met a typical infotsigan on your way, write in the comments who he is and why you think so. I hope that if you were not aware, today you would understand what infotsygan means in Russia.



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