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How do scam brokers work?

Where are scammers looking for future victims from

1. Cold calling. 

A large % of customers are attracted by cold calling through various open sources, such as: avito, yula, from hand to hand. 

Have you posted an advertisement for the sale of a car? Wait for a call. 

In addition to open sources, many brokers buy databases of other identical fraudsters, as well as databases of banks, insurance companies, etc. 

Calls are made with different pretexts, for example: it was your number that became the winner and you receive free training in financial literacy. The purpose of such a call is to attract a person to the office (brokers' offices look very solid and expensive) and, of course, it seems that you can earn money here. 

Calls can also come with an offer of quick earnings, in this case the work is carried out remotely, by means of mobile communication or Skype. 

2. Social networks. 

Works like cold calls: a nice girl (fake) congratulates her on her birthday in private messages, she introduces herself as an employee of a broker and gives a certificate for taking courses in the same financial literacy. In the course of training, the Client loses his money. 

3. Radio broadcasts. 

Many people do not trust the Internet, but they trust radio stations. This trust is sometimes puts at a disadvantage when radio advertisements are used by scammers. Radio earnings - radio broadcasts, commercials. 

4. Shopping center. 

Under the pretext of taking a social survey or participating in a drawing, contact information is collected, then they call, the same certificate for training is awarded or an offer of earnings is received.

5. Job Invitation. 

Previously, this method was the most reliable. You are looking for a job, or you yourself respond to tempting ads with a convenient schedule, high salaries, or you receive calls with an excellent offer and in exactly the position you were looking for. After the interview, you need to undergo training according to supposedly European standards, and in the process of training, the broker's employees should be interested in trading in the financial markets so that thoughts about work leave you. 

6. Internet scammers. 

In addition to advertising, they use the collection of contact information when passing various tests, video views, advertising through bloggers, and targeting social media. Networks, now also a telegram channel. In general, they are advertised everywhere as much as possible. After all, of course, the profit from one attracted client covers absolutely all expenses. 

7. Redemption of the database of numbers of banks, car owners, etc. 

This method is not difficult now, the databases are sold on the Internet and so far, our police are not able to stop it. They have not yet succeeded in limiting the Internet. This is what brokers use. But for them, these bases are considered "Holodnyak" and it is rather difficult to interest a person from a call. 

As a rule, to the question: "Where did you get my number?" they will answer you "The marketing department gave you your phone number, with a note that you would be interested in."



For your peace of mind, we have compiled a complete list of unscrupulous brokers.


Matthew Chandler
Matthew Chandler
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