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Apple WATCH Series 6 40mm

WATCH 6 mini 40mm reviews

Are you a teenager or just a thin wrist, then this model is a great option for you.

Smart watches have an impeccable appearance. The accessory is not only useful, but also really stylish. The case of the smart watch is made of high quality alloy, with a reliable indelible coating. Unlike the previous version, the model does not have a glossy, but a matte finish on the watch case - as in modern models.

A new series of smart watches for those who keep up with the times and want to test new models and shapes. Who loves the round shape of watches or who wants to change their old watch for a round classic.

 The metal bezel of the watch in the tone of the strap gives this watch elegance and zest in design. The button on the watch, also metal and functional, serves as an on / off button, and also in the menu, when pressed, it means a step back.

 Soft silicone bracelet, it is very pleasant to the skin, also removable, which makes it possible to change the bracelet to a new one over time or, if desired, to any other color.

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