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STATISTICAL SERVICES - how to choose a trader


A lot of conversations are conducted on the topic of trading results. More and more teachers come every year. And the newcomer is "rubbed" with frank game

From history tests in 2 weeks, to outright "drainers" who miraculously passed 5-6 months under a hard martingale. At the same time, 99% of others successfully merged 99% of the deposits of the "teacher's grief"

I remember there was one webmaster who fancied himself a "trading guru" and successfully sold his courses and paid chats to naive fools who were conducted on such monitoring.

Needless to say, today all of them have been depositing for a long time. I remember how this fool rubbed them about diversification, justifying the accounts merged into zero.

Therefore, statistics are different statistics. Most scammers initially prepare fake results. And nothing changes here


Make sure the author is public. If he does not communicate openly with his audience, then he is afraid to openly answer the client's questions and complaints. There are many platforms today: Instagram, Telegram, YouTube.

Don't trust companies. A trader who knows how to earn money does not need a team. We don't need huge offices. This is neither an investment fund, this is trading. Therefore, make sure that it is he who provides the services, and not the guys under the flag of his name.

And of course statistics. I always trust ONLY the broker's report. Third-party statistics services are always an extra link. They are easy to manipulate, and some can be negotiated for a percentage.

And remember that there are no guarantees on Forex. If it's not our Alfa Hunter robot of course! We are the first to give a guarantee against a merged deposit.


What is the most important thing in trading? Someone will say that strategy, discipline, experience. But I'm willing to argue with that. Because my 9 years of practice just screams about the importance of the inner state.

Many newcomers start quite successfully. But what happens then? Then they fall under the influence of the market itself. There is a fear of loss, doubts about the strategy. And every stop loss triggered is perceived as an extra excuse for internal doubts.

I urge you to think about how much you yourself are subject to such a condition. Any manifestations of uncertainty will influence your actions. Beginners trade in plus for the first month without much knowledge precisely because THEY BELIEVE in themselves and the strategy.

Be able to think positively. Take mistakes as an experience. And then no market shock will threaten your deposit.

For your peace of mind, we have compiled a complete list of unscrupulous brokers.


Matthew Chandler
Matthew Chandler
Matthew Chandler 33 years old Born in Edinburgh. Married with one child. Graduate University of Cambridge, Psychology course 2011. Works at Acclaim Studios London.

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