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Ibm created a 2 nm 'waffle': why is 2 nm in chips cool?

The ibm research center reported on taking the milestone in the pr.

the ibm research center reported on taking the milestone in the pr

ibm reported that they were able to create a microchip using a 2 nm process technology at the ibm research center in albany.

such chips will use 75 percent less electricity than 7-nanometer processors at the same performance.

on one disk — "wafer" there are 50 billion transistors with a standard chip size of a nail.

if we expect the same power, we will spend 75% less energy on it, and with the same energy consumption we will get an increase of 45% of power.

If we talk about mobile devices, then the increase in autonomy can increase by 4 times relative to the 7 nm technological process.

According to IBM, such chips will be needed for data centers, use in space, the development of artificial intelligence, 5g and 6g networks, as well as for use in quantum computers.

As we know, tsmc currently supplies processors on the 5 nm process technology-apple m1, apple a14 bionic, huawei kirin 9000. There are also qualcomm snapdragon 888 and samsung exynos 2100 chips on this tech process. At the same time, amd and most qualcomm chips are built on 7 nm. The outsider here is Intel, which is now made on the 10 and 14 nm process technology, and processors on 7 nm should appear only in 2023. Thus, IBM took a step forward and took an important milestone for microelectronics.

At the same time, tsmc also does not stand still: the taiwanese company is working on a 2 nm processor, and next year it is going to produce chips on 3 and 4 nm.

as for the 2nm tech processors for users — it's not clear when such chips will get to us. For the sake of understanding, IBM is going to use its first 7 nm chips this year for the power system server. so this news is more about overcoming a new frontier, no more.

In addition, now everyone is experiencing problems not with capacity or energy efficiency, but with supply.


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