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Bay on the map: what it is, how the fraudulent scheme works, people's reviews.

The fraudulent topic of earning money-the bay on the card


 The fraudulent topic of earning money-the bay on the card – is quite old and originates almost from the very appearance of these very cards. At one time, in just one personal account in Vkontakte, fakes threw several messages a week with the promise to raise money on the bays.

The offer was generally simple, you need a person who will take money to his card from some accounts, poison it further and get a percentage for it. Of course, there was no money, the crooks simply bred the gullible for an advance payment and got lost by covering their tails.

And at one time I really believed that this topic is slowly being blown away, it is impossible to catch a lot of fish on the same bait, but it was not there! She's like that chameleon: she just changed her color. And the people still fall for this bait.

After all, today people are offered to make a deposit on a card without prepayment, which previously allegedly acted as "proof of the seriousness of intentions” and a certain" guarantee of employee decency”, and now it is not there, which breaks the pattern.

Therefore, in this material, we will understand what this fraudulent scheme is, how it works and why the transfer of money to the card in my opinion will exist for a long time. Bay on the map – what is it

If you do not know what a "bay on the map" is, it's okay, or rather it's good that you do not know, then this type of fraud has bypassed you. Therefore, before proceeding to the most fraudulent scheme, you need to understand what "bay on the map" means in general, why and who may need it.

"Gulf" is a jargon that simply means transferring money from one bank card or account to another. This slang word is not usually used in the activities of bank employees, because” on the hair dryer bot " completely different categories of citizens with criminal tendencies.

Accordingly, the " transfer of money to the card” means not quite legal transfers of funds with a very murky origin, as a rule, obtained by criminal means.

That is, this money is dirty, it must be made clean, for which you need to run through a clean bank card.

And so, allegedly for this purpose, the scammers are joking in the network of people who agree to transfer such money through their card, while receiving a very generous reward :) The variations may be different, but that's the point.

Only all this is just a legend, a myth, a fiction and a theater of the absurd. To understand this, it is enough to look at how the scheme works and what is blowing in the ears of the victims of scammers pretending to be flooders.

Fraudulent scheme "bays to the card" (with and without prepayment) - how it works

So let's look at how the bay on the map works. In fact, everything is simple, scammers scatter an ad wherever possible, which offers anyone a dust-free job with more than a generous payment. We can also talk about financial assistance to people who find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Given the fact that few people are happy with their financial situation, and scammers certainly know about it, the number of such ads goes to tens of thousands. The reach of the audience, the number of victims and the scale of all this movement can estimate for yourself.

Yes, it seems to me that every second person who reads this material received such an offer, write in the comments, they wrote to you with a proposal to make bays on the map?

Depending on what resource such an ad is placed on, an email address, a telegram, a personal account in VK or in Odnoklassniki can be left as a feedback method.

Next, the person contacts a "potential benefactor” who offers everyone on the network either a" dream job” or just "financial assistance".And that's where the fun begins. You are offered the following: your bank card from the “employer” will receive a fairly large amount of money, if you agree.

Usually, the victim is told that one hundred thousand rubles will arrive on the card. We can talk about any other amount, it all depends on the imagination of the scammers. Then the person can allegedly do the following:

Withdraw money from an ATM and transfer it to another account.

Or transfer money from your card to another one specified by the fake employer.

But you should not translate everything, but seventy percent! That is, seventy thousand rubles according to the legend, you will have to transfer where they say. And you will keep the remaining thirty thousand rubles as your salary :)

Of course, every person has a question: "And why do we need such a scheme and this attraction of unprecedented generosity?"The answers are worthy of an Oscar, for the imagination of scammers knows no bounds!

Someone says that this is money from some mythical arrested accounts and it is better to withdraw the loot in this way than to lose everything at all. Another explains the origin of the money by the fact that he allegedly hacked the system of a bank and decided to help people in this way, without forgetting, of course, about himself :) There may be a dozen different explanations for the origin of money.

And since the employer is a "serious person” and is looking for people of the same plan – responsible and decent – you will need to confirm your "loyalty" for further cooperation. Of course, the bays on the map are no joke :)

Further, I think you have already realized that your "honest noble" for the " employer” does not roll and he needs material confirmation of the seriousness of your intentions to cooperate in the form of a transfer of a prepayment in the form of some pathetic 3-5 percent of the amount of the “future gulf”. For example, if you are promised a hundred thousand rubles, then you will be asked for a “prepayment” of 3-5 thousand.

Someone for greater importance “as additional guarantees " may require a scan of your passport, a photo with an expanded passport in your hands, your photo with a piece of paper on which the “code word” is written – the options are different.

The point here is the same – there is no and never was any work and no millions that someone allegedly cashes out in such an "original" way! In all these cases, people are simply bred as young schoolboys for money, below we will consider why.

And yet, the gulf on the map – divorce or not

Let's take a closer look at why you should not trust those who offer such a part-time job. On many Internet resources, blogs, forums, people are fighting whole battles about all this traffic with bays of money on the card and such”earnings".

People in the hope of earning money place ads that urgently need money, work, part-time work. And that they are ready to accept the gulf :)

At the same time, they publish their real data, contacts, and social media profiles.networks and are ready to provide their bank cards to the floodgates, which are identified in case of something – like two fingers on the asphalt.

And, accordingly, to track the entire chain of movement of money "the filler-performer". About the fact that it is impossible to track something in the modern world, I do not advise you to believe: all this is fable and babble. It is not difficult to calculate any transaction.

Let's think logically and just think with our heads. The bailiffs, as I have already said, explain that the money was obtained by criminal means: either we are talking about some seized accounts, or bank thefts, or something else.

Further, if you look at the number of ads of the so-called “filers”, you will get the impression that half of the enterprises and organizations in the country have their accounts seized.

And banks and their security service regularly open all the "doors and windows", while actively " flapping their ears” so that fraudsters can hack into their accounts, steal money and share it with their neighbors :)

It turns out that hundreds of billions of dirty money of openly criminal origin are “walking” around the country and no one cares about them. If you really think so, then I sincerely sympathize with your naivety.

Next, let's assume for a moment that someone has obtained a large amount of money-millions and billions of dollars by criminal means. Let's say he had the brains, the resources, the knowledge to do it. And here he allegedly goes to the network to "launder" them by transferring them through the accounts and cards of Internet users unknown to him? Nothing embarrassing?! :)

And what if this same user turns out to be a drug addict, who generally “all along the coast”, and the entire amount just "punctures"? Or the same crook as the alleged filler himself?! What guarantees does the filler have in general with such a scheme of money laundering? None at all! On his part, this step means simply draining the money down the toilet or throwing it out the window.

No sane person, and even more so a criminal who has enough brains to do this, will never send such sums to anyone who does not understand who in an attempt to allegedly “launder”them.

And what kind of fool would say on the Internet that he stole, for example, money from a bank or casino and now decided to legalize it in this way? This is utter nonsense, absurd – what kind of imbecile should I be? Think for yourself!

Even if you hypothetically assume that someone out there somewhere stole billions, then surely he has enough brains, knowledge, connections to legalize them.

And all this talk about bays on the map, and the hype around this phenomenon as such (forums, discussions, searches for a "real filler":)) is nothing more than a huge soap bubble.

Moreover, this bubble is inflated by scammers with the sole purpose: to " pull” you have several thousand rubles under the pretext that you will still earn ten times more without any risk.

And since today the people are already " fed up” with this divorce, when people are stupidly thrown on the prepayment, the scheme has changed somewhat. And it is already offered to transfer money to the card without prepayment.

Transfer of money to the card without prepayment

In the fraudulent scheme "transfer to the card without prepayment", the goals and intentions of the scammers, of course, have not changed. They remain the same – to " slap the client” on the money, to get into your pocket.

However, this is done with a slightly different sauce. If earlier scammers did not particularly sweat and simply offered “before the gulf " to transfer them an advance payment, today the money is fished out a little differently. There are a lot of options, for example, scammers may require you to have a certain amount of money on the card – twenty percent of the amount of the bay. All again to ensure that you are a serious person: you need to mix the bay with clean money, so that the bank does not suspect anything.

Then they deftly entice the CVV and the card number from the “patient” (I'm sorry, but I can't say more precisely), after which they simply steal the money that is on the card.

They can simply " beautifully tell” that the open access fillers do not work, you need to look for them on “closed forums”. Where access, of course, is paid and costs $ 200.

Also, the victim may be rubbed about the fact that you need to buy a mythical "bank account” for the security of the parties to the transaction, pay for insurance “" because the money is transferred from offshore”, etc., etc.

In addition, at such events, a “deal through a guarantor”is proposed and even imposed. The guarantor is a website that the scammers themselves created, it is filled with messages, reviews, opinions that all transactions go through this guarantor with a bang – without noise and dust.

How does divorce work in such cases? Yes, it is very simple: a person is offered the transaction in question, for which you need to credit a certain amount to the guarantor “for services”, " transaction support”, “as an insurance premium” , etc.

Moreover, you can easily draw on the site that the” insurance premium " was allegedly made by the filler. In fact, this is, of course, all fiction, as well as all these guarantors who either work in conjunction with scammers, or the guarantor and the crook are one and the same person.

There are still a lot of other formulations from the bred to extort money from you. The essence of all of them is the same, the only thing is that the word “prepayment” is not used, and the rest is “the same eggs, only in profile” :)

Bay on the map-people's reviews

For obvious reasons, people who are thrown for money in an attempt to make money on the bays of money on the map are not in a hurry to share reviews on otzoviki sites.

However, as for the fraudulent scheme "bays on the map", reviews and opinions of people in the open access clearly indicate that all this mess is another way of relatively honest withdrawal of money.

And, as I have already said, there are extremely many variations in this fraudulent scheme, each fraudster has its own: different banks, conditions, and nuances are intertwined and invented.

Also, the "bay on the map" scheme (reviews say the same) has an extremely extensive geography, where pseudo-fill workers allegedly work. Such a thing is carried, you are amazed! :) Here, Europe, and invented offshore accounts, and even sanctions have been added.

In general, everything is created in order to draw a beautiful picture to the victim and circle around his finger, like a blind kitten, which, in fact, crooks do well.

Key findings

Of course, I do not completely deny the fact of money laundering and the withdrawal of criminal funds. These phenomena are, have been, and probably will be, but there is a completely different scheme. My friend once contacted the cashiers, too, in search of easy money. I created an individual entrepreneur, opened an account and ran some amounts through it.

As a result, they took him, of course, for “one place”, for a long time and painfully led him to the offices of various interesting bodies. Well, at least they didn't put him in jail, he's not a bad person-only a fool :)

And the bay on the map, the fraud scheme of which is offered by narrow-minded students, schoolchildren and other passengers on the network – is just a fairy tale “about a white bull " and is designed for a sucker looking for easy money.

And no matter how the scheme is called – "bays to the card”," money to the card without prepayment " - its essence and mechanism are unchanged. Well, I must add that all this activity, both on the part of the filler and on the part of the host, is prosecuted under the law-article 174 of the Criminal Code to help you, if anything, up to 7 years in prison.

Take care of yourself and do not believe in easy money!



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Matthew Chandler
Matthew Chandler
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