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Overton Partners LTD. Key features

Review Overton Partners LTD broker

It is possible to trade on the Forex platform with the help of a broker. We will tell you next in this short Overton Partners LTD broker review which one is best to trust.

What is possible to get by cooperating with Overton Partners LTD?

The company has official registration and valid licenses, and there is regulator control. Payments come to everyone, there are no debts, and no bankruptcy has been declared. Over the years of operation, no irregularities have been recorded.

The broker Overton Partners LTD follows the standards and respects the terms of the contract. It has a good reputation confirmed by positive reviews and audits. There are optimal conditions for trading, no hidden commissions, and the account type is chosen at the trader's discretion.

The service provides access not only to the currency market. It provides analytics, personal statistics, and topical news publication. It also protects client data with the help of special encryption.

There is a handy website adapted to modern devices. A terminal with all types of orders, and most importantly, it doesn't need downloading and installing, as it is possible to trade online.

A brief Overton Partners LTD review will tell you about the types of accounts, the terms, and will give you a closer look at the activities of the intermediary.

Advantages and disadvantages of Overton Partners LTD

The broker is reliable, proven with a stable trading platform. It protects its clients' funds and keeps them in separate accounts. No one imposes dubious trading signals or promises to get money from the first trade. The risks are reported immediately. The site is official.


Overton Partners LTD has the following benefits:

The company's services are available to traders with different capital and trading experience. There is no «markup» on spreads.


There are also some minor drawbacks:

Yet more than 100,000 customers trust the company and the website has a secure connection.

Types of Overton Partners LTD accounts

The broker has several tariffs that differ from each other in terms of trading conditions and deposit size. Here's what's on offer:

The choice of Overton Partners LTD Forex tariff depends on the individual needs and capabilities of the customer.

Official Overton Partners LTD website

The internet resource of the company is thoughtful, informative, and designed in a pleasing color scheme. It is SSL-encrypted and there are no ads or third-party links. The site is easy to navigate and the trading conditions can be found on the home page. Here's what else it has:

Overton Partners LTD has a nice personal account. Access is not blocked and all data is displayed 24/7. Here you can view the history of transactions, request a withdrawal, etc.

Overton Partners LTD review 2023

Opening an account takes just a few clicks. There is verification, which is mandatory for everyone. There are no withdrawal limits, and trading conditions are determined by the tariff. Customers' money is kept in separate accounts and any financial transactions are checked.

The Overton Partners LTD broker platform is generous with bonuses. It is possible to get an additional percentage to the deposit for registration and invited friend. Payments come without delays.


What can be taken away from this broker review? A company with official registration, a clear contract, and transparent conditions. You can trade at your own pleasure here, the main thing is to choose the right tools and strategy. The only thing is that there is no Islamic account.



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