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Reviews about the black broker QUOTEX. Scam for traders.

Review of the broker How to get your money back?

From time to time there are companies offering brokerage services on Forex. In order for you to know who you can trust, our staff made a review of QUOTEX operating in Britain.

Our employees have studied the site, information from open data sources.

Official site - review is a normal web site with minimal data. The visitor is immediately offered to get acquainted with the tariffs, register a personal account and “trade on Forex”.
Contact information - phone number and official address.
Lack of data on work experience, valid licenses and official documents, algorithms for working with clients.
Additionally, for the review of, we examined the details of the domain name. It turned out that it exists less than a month.
More information can only be read by registering.
Therefore, we can confidently say that the official website of provides very little data, which of course creates doubts.

Review - the official address of the company


After checking the address written on the website, we found a large number of publications about illegal transactions, also related to scams in the Forex market.
We did not find any facts indicating that there is an operating company at the specified address published on
It is also annoying that the legal address of QUOTEX is not in England, where the company operates, but in another country. review - phone number

After analyzing the phone, our experts identified references to its use in fraudulent transactions. Previously, the phone number was also used by criminals trying to pose as Forex intermediaries.

QUOTEX review - mentions on the web

An essential part of the review is the analysis of reviews on the Internet. On the website, we found a small number of similar, fake reviews with fake photos and non-existent identities.
In a search, the SERP showed our staff many negative reviews and reviews.
Most often, people write about the inability to withdraw funds, the strange work of the software, the boorish behavior of employees.
Accordingly, judging by the mentions in the QUOTEX network, they are criminals.

Gifts for account registration from QUOTEX

Usually, start-up companies selling Forex services offer new users gifts for registering an account. As a rule, these are some nice gifts, for example, advice from analytics specialists. However, on the QUOTEX website and promotional materials, we found references to gifts in the amount of the initial deposit. It must be kept in mind that these are the funds that the Internet broker provides to traders for working on the Forex financial market, and not some tokens that do not go beyond the service.
This is quite suspicious due to the fact that with such bonuses, the period of receiving profit from people is extended, with significant spending.
In principle, one might think that the reason is the extraordinary kindness of, but in practice everything is much simpler. Funds are not withdrawn outside the system, since all QUOTEX activities are fraudulent.

Account types for QUOTEX

On the QUOTEX website, you can find many types of accounts that differ not only in trading features, but also in the size of initial deposits. This is a standard technique for motivating traders to make large investments, to open a premium type of account.
Users can be offered individual assistance from analysts, break-even trades, access to exclusive information. But, all this is manipulation, used only to knock out money.
You need to know that no matter how many deposits you transfer, they will go to scammers, since are criminals.


Leverage is a common tool for trading in the Forex market, which makes it possible to trade for an amount significantly larger than the user has. The missing deposits are borrowed from an Internet broker. Companies that offer their clients the opportunity to close deals with high leverage are at serious risk, so they provide this opportunity only to experienced players. But are criminals, so they use leverage to drive their customers into debt and extort payments on a fake loan.

Refund Time

Users trade on the Forex market to earn income. Of course, this is not feasible without the withdrawal of investments. So the question arises: "does QUOTEX have a time frame for withdrawing money"? On the website, our employees found information that the receipt of funds is made in an instant and without commissions. In fact, even reputable, registered Internet brokers do not always give such conditions. What is the base?
The fact that QUOTEX are scammers and do not plan to give customers the opportunity to receive funds. Therefore, is ready to promise attractive working conditions. But all their promises are lies.

Reviews appeared before QUOTEX created the site has been up and running for less than 30 days, as our staff has previously reported. However, on popular portals, you can find references two months ago.
Most likely, QUOTEX employees, before launching the scam, paid for custom mentions on popular sites so that customers would get the impression that the organization had been operating for many months.

Part of mentions about QUOTEX:

When did you meet free cheese? These are full-fledged scammers, QUOTEX guarantees excellent earnings and ideal conditions, and in the end you will be scammed and lost with your currency.

Have you checked QUOTEX licenses? As soon as you start to delve into their documents, it will be clear that are scammers. Don't think about interacting with them.

I looked where it is possible to see the legitimacy of their QUOTEX work in the Forex market. offered me a partnership on interesting terms, I was madly worried until I found comments, 100% I am not going to cooperate with this broker.

I pissed here $ 150, it seems not a lot, but, anyway, an unpleasant balance. For the majority, and this is tangible, my advice to you is do not mess with QUOTEX.

Soon after authorization, I realized that the service is fake, in the terminal and there are visually missing multiple mandatory elements. The inexperienced are easier to fool, but I'm no longer an inexperienced user.

After a couple of transactions, he wanted to transfer funds to a personal account, saving $ 700 for further online trading. I asked for a money transfer, but they contacted me and advised me not to take it yet, but rather to invest more, because just today there will be a chance to get a serious income. I did not agree and my investments were frozen.

QUOTEX review - trial period

On the official website of there is no demo access to software that allows you to understand the quality of paid services.
QUOTEX employees want the client to immediately give them their confidential data and pay at least the smallest payment.

QUOTEX review - withdrawal of funds

In theory, the client's money is withdrawn using a form on the QUOTEX website. It is feared that a visitor can use it without registration. Therefore, the appeal will be checked manually, which is unrealistic with a significant number of users.
Our experts concluded that this form is only used to demonstrate to potential victims the possibility of withdrawing funds, but in fact it does not work.


For your peace of mind, we have compiled a complete list of unscrupulous brokers.


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Matthew Chandler
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