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Keller Financial – scammers or not

Recognition of scammers on the example of Keller Financial

Every Forex broker claims it is the best to deal with, and the fraudsters who just pretend to be legit brokers do the same and they are even louder. Which one of them is really the best – it is a question, but at least there are some markers, which help us identifying scammers. Check how this works using our example, anti-fraud check of Keller Financial.

There is no fixed order of actions, but we would recommend starting with search of Keller Financial scam reviews on the web. Unlike birds in the sky, Forex brokers leave noticeable trails – if company works at least for several months, it has some history and there are people to tell it. Some of these stories are good, some of them aren’t, just pay attention to facts and you’ll most likely see whether it is worth to get to this company closer at all. A hint for beginners – most of the scam lists like 10, 20 scammers are quite useless. As we haven't seen somebody accusing Keller Financial of fraud, we can go to the next milestone and check their website.

It may seem too simple, but it still works – good broker is very serious about its website and content on it. If Keller Financial was a scammer its website would most likely be half-empty as not informative at all. So if we can’t say any of these things about it, we are most likely moving in right direction. The website should give us the full picture of what company is and what it does. In case with our Keller Financial mini scam review we see the answer for the second question, but the information about the company itself is minimal. We can only say it is incorporated in UK and its office is also there. That doesn’t look critical so far, but there are companies telling about themselves much more.

It seems to be the only disturbing thing we can say about Keller Financial, the rest looks better. And, which is even more important, the really worrying signs are missing. We are speaking of such things as profits or cash bonus for opening an account, automatic trades or signal to guarantee profits and other things of this kind.

The point is Forex brokers just should not promise you returns of any kind. In other words, we would have all reasons to call Keller Financial fraudsters if the company promised to make us money. And it is applied to any market, not just Forex. If Keller Financial is a legit broker, it just provides us with a spot and tools to trade, we are responsible for our profits or losses ourselves.

The same applies to generous giveaways for investors. Do not hope that you will be that extremely lucky client who gets a new car or something of this kind for just opening an account or making a deposit of $500. The general rule of thumb is something as following: you should better stay away from any promises too good to be true.

Another worrying sign may be some sponsorship programs for athletes, for example. The fact is athletes know very few things about markets and fraud schemes used on them, but 95pc of them are happy to see any sponsor. Not every company sponsoring athletes is using them as cover for their scam practices, of course. But most of legit brokers (and Keller Financial too) just don’t need that as they have a plenty of other channels to promote themselves and their services. In other words, the broker’s logo on athlete’s jersey doesn’t make the company legit.

One more thing to mention is the affordable threshold to start trading. The model “deposit $1000 today and withdraw $1500 tomorrow” is not just never works; it is one of the most reliable fraud alerts. The good news is that Forex broker Keller Financial doesn’t asks for anything of this kind and doesn’t promises instant returns – its minimal deposit for Basic account type is EUR250.

Then there is another important thing to check – the payment methods supported and used. We all like fast payments, but in case with Forex we should remember, that fraudsters are very fond of crypto, too. That has very simple explanation – most of the scammers targeting your money prefer crypto as it is almost impossible to track or to roll back the crypto transaction. So if the crypto payments is the only option available, just leave, let somebody else enjoy the speed and anonymity of transactions (at least for a while). Keller Financial proposes various payment methods. They include crypto, but it just one of the options and not the only one.

It looks like we have gathered enough facts to conclude our little scam review of Keller Financial. The company is quite closed, it does not seem to be eager to provide a lot of information about itself. On the other hand, it is not involved in scandals and information on its website and on the web in general contains no evidence of using any fraud schemes and practices. 

For your peace of mind, we have compiled a complete list of unscrupulous brokers.


Matthew Chandler
Matthew Chandler
Matthew Chandler 33 years old Born in Edinburgh. Married with one child. Graduate University of Cambridge, Psychology course 2011. Works at Acclaim Studios London.

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Stephen Hall44885
For a while before I knew nothing about currencies or assets. I mostly traded oil CFDs and occasionally turned to gold/other safe-haven assets. Thanks to the support of the guys who were able to tell me everything I needed to know.
Kimberly Hubbard44886
Reliable. Tested, approved. I'm sure - I'll be staying here for a while.
Jacqueline Hawkins44887
Decided to write off my impressions of working with Keller Finance Limited. What I wanted to get from the broker: not a kitchen, the most favorable spreads, adequate market quotes, convenient terminal, fast ordering, no deposit/withdrawal problems, the availability of all the necessary currency pairs and a liftable base deposit. I am satisfied with Keller Finance Limited for all my points. What is missing: I can not contact support immediately, there are no demo accounts, no mass training tools, no insurance for beginners, no inter-trade tournaments, no promotions, no contests and no choice of platforms. I'm fine with MetaTrader 4, but that's all there is to it. I prefer small trades, no cancellations. I made a test and got the first 20 bucks of profit, which required verification. In 45 minutes the money was already on the card.
Enrique Johnson44888
I would like to write about technical support. The customer support is great! Everything will be solved. And if it does not work, they can connect and configure everything themselves. Great! Keep it up!
Judith Stewart44889
It's worth noting that they have different types of accounts. I like Gold best - very good spreads for scalping there.
Dennis Hugh 01.12.2022
I know keller finance limited. The husband has been working with you for a very long time. The cooperation is terribly satisfied. Experienced and pleasant employees. Good luck, and rapid growth
Floyd Mark 03.12.2022
Good conditions are offered when it was accessible to webmani, it was convenient for me to work with them, now I had to go to kiwi, which is not the best alternative for me, but another option was to change the broker because of the payment even worse. The keller finance limited has already worked out, the broker has its advantages, the company has a reputation, regulation. There is something to criticize too))) But I try not to get hung up on this. What I’m not going to, this is fraud at any level and constant gouging in work, and with the rest you can come to terms and find a common language with a broker. There were no reasons to suspect that keller finance limited a divorce, and there were no cases that I and my problems were spitting, therefore, for my part, I attributed to some difficulties or problems with understanding.
Fleming Daniel 13.12.2022
In keller finance limited he began to trade in May. I can’t say that this is directly the best broker with which I collaborated, but I am quite satisfied and in general I can say, this is a broker that gives me the opportunity to earn and develop my account. I had no failures on transactions and I have repeatedly withdrawn money, but here it must be said that the withdrawal time is completely dependent on how quickly it is processed in the financial department, they can be in 20 minutes, and may not be known in advance how much it is how much it is Take it.
Pearson Harry 17.12.2022
Over my time, I can say that in general they did not fail. For the withdrawal and replenishment of money, they do not take at all, but the spreads in fact are higher than they declare. But there were no problems with the service of the service at all. All that they promised is the service is really working and fast. Which in particular was confirmed by my last conclusion. I was from Ukraine and put an amount of $ 490 for the withdrawal, on Friday, not thinking that the editor is ahead and can be delayed. And on the weekend, the conclusion hung and because of the weekend I could not find out anything in the bank, and I did not know what to do with all this. I left a request in the chat of the lobby and waited ... For the first time in such a hopeless situation, it turned out to be. On Monday morning, the broker called, said that everything was in order, reassured that the money would come in the usual time. And an hour ago, the money was credited to the card! In words, I can’t convey what kind of relief I experienced.
James Torres 03.01.2023
If earlier managers were not distinguished by their minds and quick wits, now they are more savvy (as well as everyone is gaining experience). And the speed of their work increased and less talk about what needs to be replenished (as they like to do it). In general, there is a plus. Everything in the world is changing, and for two weeks I have been a client of the Keller Ltd broker and I use it, I’m not afraid of this word, a native platform. The idea to diversify trade capital has been visited for a long time, and then such an excellent option turned up. Super! The trading on the platform during this time did not raise questions. You can safely open an account on it. Everything is clearly configured, I did not find any problems. Execution of offhand less than a second, there were no breaks of communication. The mobile version works well. In general, I trade calmly. Now I have already gone deeper to study the broker. There are so many things there! From the options for earnings, the eyes run up. Cool and powerful corporation. So, an old, proven broker. In the last year, it became noticeably better. Everything else is at an average level, or a bit above average.
Danny Garcia 06.01.2023
I really did not have the opportunity to invest, and my analyst then offered me two options. If earlier he called almost every day, now now the frequency has been reduced to 1-2 times a week. He said that he really does not have so much time to accompany me at short -term trade, but did not leave me. Until now, we cooperate, it gives me transactions and on average I have a profit from them at 1.5-2% and I think that this is not bad. The second option was to withdraw money and leave if I was not satisfied with the reduced time of our meetings. But I made a decision in favor of the first and did not lose. I am writing this review on the closing of the anniversary 50 transactions. Until Friday, my account was 1,000 USD, and I made my first conclusion. Today this amount was credited to my card. The only negative - due to the transfer to the national currency, ate a little conversion, but that! I am glad that I was able to first withdraw from the brokerage company what he started. I will continue to work with them at my net profit.
Anthony Ross 26.01.2023
There are no complaints about the platform. Of course, I met minor slippers in four years, but this is the specificity of trading for all brokers, somewhere more, and somewhere smaller, but it is. There is no reason to look for another broker, I will be better already with the proven, and not be conducted on the allegedly good conditions of brokers. 4 years ago he came to Keller Ltd, and was extremely careful for the entire Forex market (when you start something new, then it happens). Of course, I understood that those who could earn money, but since it was a completely newcomer, did not seduct much on his own. During all this time, I, as a trader, had many ups and falls, but the Keller Ltd broker earned my respect by the fact that in unpleasant situations he always helped to figure it out (trust, but check). Once I put an application for withdrawal of funds, the money was written off from the account, but they did not come to my wallet. Of course, I was nervous, the amount was already decent, but it turned out that it was a technical problem, and not the broker. They helped to solve, everything came. Otherwise, everything is fine, the lesson is quite interesting and fascinating.
Steven Thomas 27.01.2023
I watched more than one free seminar, went through investment training. I used all possible tools. Over the past 5 months, he corrected and increased the portfolio more than once, understood the intricacies, theory. He worked out homework, which he did not very successfully carry out in order to understand, exclude repetition of errors in the future, understand the idea, etc. I was looking for convenient tools, broker. At the moment, I have clearly determined that it is convenient for me to work with promotions through Keller Ltd (here is a broken account is ordinary), and I also work with bonds through Keller Ltd. All this is writing for what - thank you very much for your training, such an approach, continuous improvement of your product and approaches! The most reasonable investment is in their knowledge that provide the future. Now they are with me forever. He began strictly according to the technology. Additionally, I draw long -term, medium -term and short -term investment plans for myself. So that all this led to a specific goal, and if I go astray, the presentation after reading would return me to the road of the investor, which I developed and adhere to.
Ernest Martin
When choosing a Keller Ltd broker, I drew attention to the options for withdrawing money. As in the case of making a deposit, a reliable broker should have the opportunity to withdraw by any means. The most common is bank transfer. But in some parts of the world it is difficult to use it. Therefore, they choose a broker with a wide variety of ways to withdraw earnings - bank cards, electronic wallets. Even a beginner can start making money on Forex if he selects a broker correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to initially understand which platform to interact with. Unfortunately, not all brokers presented on the Internet are honest. Many of them offer to use their services, but their actions lead a beginner to the loss of starting capital. Beginning traders should learn to determine such attackers. A really good broker is ready to propose: the presence of a forex-broker license; minimum commissions; A lot of experience in providing such services. Each reliable broker must have a license of financial regulators. This documentation guarantees the preservation of the money entered, as well as their refund in case of ruin of the company. When the newcomer found that the broker has an official permission, it remains to choose the right company such as Keller Ltd.
Keith Jenkins
What I like the Keller LTD broker is that the company pays great attention to customer comfort. For this, the broker has many services. In particular, this is a convenient mobile application (I didn’t use it immediately, I thought it would not be convenient, but in the end I changed my mind and very conveniently), a wallet to protect the deposit from trade risks and other possibilities. I will focus on my wallet more. What is the essence of the broker's wallet? This is a separate storage for your funds from which you can transfer money to accounts in the company. For example, you opened one account on different platforms, then you pay $ 500 to the wallet and transfer the required amount to the desired account without risking the whole deposit. It is really convenient. I have been using the Keller LTD brokerage company for more than a year. This is a great platform with a functional interface. There are also many functions and support from specialists. And therefore, with confidence, I can recommend the platform to all, both beginners and professionals. Today, this best platform is officially recognized by many world traders. This is a simple, understandable and convenient tool. The platform was created on the MQL4 programming language. It is he who is the best for the implementation of working tools used on Forex.
Andrew Mason
The quality of the service of the broker Keller Ltd is quite satisfied, but I would like technical specialists to work on the mobile application, but as I understand it, there will soon be improvements and updates. The broker demonstrates stable growth, which clearly indicates the trust of many customers and my trust in it, as it turned out over time. Any respected broker is obliged to offer his customers the best maintenance. Sometimes there are situations that cannot be solved in any ways other than contacting the support service. And it should always be affordable, react quickly and always remain in touch. With the Forex broker Keller Ltd, I have been working for more than three years. During this time, he was able to master his characteristic features and nuances in working with him. I got close contacts with the company's managers, and now they are calling me, then on the case, and I don’t like to waste time talking. Better I will do it during this time or I will successfully invest in money. I practically do not use webinars, but I advise you to sometimes read analytical materials, very valuable data come across. Or you can view the videos of different ones who will be more convenient.
Sean Wright
The choice of a trading platform is crucial for your trading life (if you want to make money on this). If it is a serious activity for you, and not just like a game for pleasure. I used several brokers before someone recommended that I broker Keller LTD at the end of the year. Today it is the best platform. This is a simple, understandable and convenient tool. The platform was created on the MQL4 programming language. It is he who is the best for the implementation of working tools used on Forex. I opened a real account, this is my first bill, fortunately, I found that it is better than that of any other broker that I used before. When I sent my questions to technical support several times to confirm some problems, the guys answered very quickly and helped me solve the problems of not only a technical character, but also a kind of hint - the so -called life hacks. Deposits and removal are quickly, and that is good. It is very difficult to find such a good Keller Ltd broker. What do I need is a reliable platform and excellent customer service. Now I almost left my other account with another broker, and focused on this account on Keller Ltd. I checked the broker on himself and now I advise you to you.
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