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OrangeFX247 is a typical scam. It is dangerous to get involved with this pseudo-broker.

OrangeFX247 is a typical scam.

Review of the dangerous broker OrangeFX247. Can I trust it? Reviews.

OrangeFX247 ( offers its new users to become part of the community of traders, who, according to the lying organization, have already made money on this platform.

But it's all a lie, not many people have heard about this company yet and millionaires traders are all fairy tales.

False broker promises stable earnings on trading and investment. The company is positioning itself as a successful financial organization with extensive experience in the Forex platform. In this review, we will tell you why you should not trust this false organization.

The portal on the Internet is presented in several languages, but it is a simple pacifier, created by a ready-made template, which crooks love to use so much. The design and appearance of the portal is miserable, and the content is about nothing. No serious financial institutions can not afford such a cheap resource on the Internet.

We checked the cost of the project on a specialized website, and found that its value is no more than 15 rubles. Scammers simply did not spare money for its creation.

Scammers offer their customers three types of accounts. The minimum deposit is $250. They offer a leverage of 1:200. The spreads start from 0.1 point. A question: what does the brokerage organization make its profit on? Scammers promise their new users successful trading on financial market, but it does not fit the idea that the scammers provide such a leverage. It also does not go without saying that such a leverage will actually be beneficial for a newcomer users. Among other things, the scammers offer their deceitful portal trading signals and various advice from professional traders. All this should not be trusted.

For their new clients, the deceitful broker offers a bonus when making a deposit. But here's the difficulty that arises for new users - this bonus will have to work off. No matter how hard you try, there is no way you can win back this bonus. It is simply an offer to attract clients to this organization.

Among other things, you will be able to participate in an affiliate program. You will be charged money for inviting new users.

The lying broker has no registration, license or regulator. You just invest your money in the air. Do not expect any payback - the scammers simply dump their client's entire deposit and you will not be able to prove it. Deceitful organization just took possession of your money and will soon disappear. You will not be able to prove anything, the company does not officially exist. You are throwing your savings into the air, you know that there will be no payback - it is all a fraud on gullible users.

We strongly recommend you not to contact the lying broker OrangeFX247 (, unless of course you want to lose all your savings.



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Matthew Chandler
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