Matthew Chandler 25 / March / 22

Oil prices moved to growth on the news from Saudi Arabia

Oil prices will rise

World oil prices on Friday evening are rising on the news from Saudi Arabia, according to trading data.

As of 20.19 Moscow time, the price of May futures for Brent crude oil rose by 0.64% to $ 119.79 per barrel, May futures for WTI - by 0.81% to $ 113.25. Oil was getting cheaper during the day.

Investors evaluate the news about the shelling of Saudi Aramco facilities. According to the Saudi news Agency SPA, the Arab coalition led by Riyadh, the ruling Ansar Allah movement (Houthis) in northern Yemen fired at a station for the distribution of petroleum products in Jeddah in western Saudi Arabia, from where gasoline enters the gas stations of the city, hitting two oil storage facilities.

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Matthew Chandler
Matthew Chandler
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