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Beware of scammers! Fake broker MYYAB. Reviews.

MYYAB broker reviews from experts.

Today, people are trying to find additional sources of income. Many begin to consider investing as an opportunity to profit from deferred savings. And here is where you need to be extremely careful, because fraud in this area is widespread. Scammers primarily target people who have very little experience in conducting financial transactions. One of such companies is MYYAB.

MYYAB company is ready to offer its clients about 70 trading instruments, which can help to achieve the positive result. In addition, the broker guarantees the client that all funds deposited on its platform are absolutely protected by modern information technology.

The client can choose several asset options to work with. According to the statement of MYYAB, highly qualified analysts of the company will provide full support to a beginning trader at all stages of work. MYYAB experts carry out daily work on the analysis of financial conditions of all available markets and that's why they can provide the client with actual and necessary information. It can be concluded that the user is practically guaranteed a fast profit at minimal risks.

All offers of the broker look really tempting, but except for words nothing else is confirmed. The most important thing is that the broker claims to have extensive experience, which will allow him to guide the client competently throughout the whole process of investing. However, it was found out that officially the company MYYAB appeared only in March 2021. It turns out that they knowingly provide their potential customers with false information.

The second, but not less important point is the absence of any authorization documents. Any serious financial organization must provide a license and the information about the regulating body. On the official website of MYYAB there is no information either about the regulators or about the legality of this firm. As a rule, such scammers are registered in an offshore zone, so that in the case of claims it is impossible to get to them.

Consultants and managers of MYYAB are very good at communicating with people. Their main purpose is to convince a potential client that he will get a lot of benefits from cooperation with MYYAB. After the naive trader agrees and passes the registration stage, he needs to make an initial deposit.

After that two versions of events are possible. In the first case the client continues to be persuaded to make additional investments and this continues until he refuses to do so. In the second case, the user waits for the results of the initially invested amount, and when he does not receive them, he decides to withdraw his money from the broker's platform. In both cases, the bottom line is the same: as soon as the trader tries to withdraw his money, his accounts are blocked and the money is drained.

In order to be finally convinced of MYYAB fraud it is worth reading the reviews of deceived clients. All as one say that this firm are usual swindlers, and it is absolutely impossible to get your money back after such cooperation.







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