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Why do you need verification? Marwick Investments Limited Forex broker spoke about the security of client data

Marwick Investments Limited  Forex broker spoke about the security of client data | Marwick Investments Limited forex broker

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How exactly technologies at protect customers from fraud and hacking attacks.

We trust the broker with the most important thing - our money. And it's not just where the broker will advise to invest, so as not to burn out in the stock market. But also to the extent that cooperation with a broker company is protected from fraud, hacking, phishing. To ensure that the company is trustworthy, you should pay attention to the security measures it has taken. For example, our current expert, Marwick Investments Limited, is a broker registered in Europe and therefore meets all the requirements of market protection laws against fraudulent technologies. We will describe the details.

Marwick Investments Limited broker has been operating since 2016

The company is headquartered in London. The team that founded the company started in 2000, but the history of the brand began five years ago, when a web platform for trading was developed. At that time, it became clear that online trading is the future.

The address of the company in London, contact details in Europe and in your region - on the broker's website:

Protection for clients Marwick Investments Limited Forex access only after verification

The British "registration" of the company does not allow liquidity problems. Here are the strictest laws governing the activities of brokerage organizations. The broker's clients are protected not only by consumer law, but also by international data protection programs.

We will briefly describe the privacy and anti-fraud policy pursued by Forex broker Marwick Investments Limited:

All these measures protect customers from fraud, data theft and money.


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