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“Good set of tools to start trading”: Keller Finance Limited review

Keller Finance Limited review: great broker for beginners

Internet made Forex trade even more competitive. Clients, competitors, independent observers – most of them have something to say and they use this opportunity in a full. Browsing through reviews of Keller Finance Ltd as of 2022 on the web we have collected a block of most frequently asked questions and use the opportunity of asking them one of the company’s executives.

Question: One of the most common questions in reviews about Keller Finance Limited is the lack of information about the company. There are contacts, incorporation number and that is all? How would you explain this attitude to publicity?

Jonathan Singh, Forex broker Keller Finance Ltd development director: You mean information on founders etc.? The founders as interested in business as it is, not in political or social capital. Their position is very clear in this regard – we provide the spot to trade on Forex and other markets and we earn on commissions, that is all. They are reading those reviews about Keller Finance, too, but that hasn’t made them change their principles so far.

Q: OK, the attitude to publicity is clear. And how about any form of training or demo mode to test the platform? We haven’t found anything like that, and, judging by people’s reviews of Keller Finance Limited on the web, they also haven’t.

JS: Yet on the stage of development, the plan was to create trading platform as easy to use as possible. It doesn’t demand any additional installation or something, you can trade just from your browser if you want. And if we are speaking about reviews of Keller Finance Ltd, you’ve probably noticed, that none of the users complained about slippages, or freezes or anything like that. It is simple and it is really fast. But in case if someone still needs assistance, we have regular webinars, which means help of experienced traders, and there is personal account manager to ask questions besides the support desk.

Q: There are Keller Finance Ltd investment Forex broker reviews suggesting the platform is too complicated for beginners, what would you say on that?

JS: Beginners is our target audience, our strategy is to make Keller Finance best broker for beginners. So these reviews are probably inspired by competitors, I have no other explanations. By the way, I haven’t heard beginners themselves complaining about any issues with Forex broker Keller Finance Ltd.

Q: And another thing to ask the company’s development director. Why there are so few reviews of Keller Finance Limited in general, and most of them are written by clients or other people not related to the company?

JS: Well, when everything goes like it is supposed to, 90pc of clients are just trading. Our experience shows that traders would rather write something about things disturbing them, making the trading process worse or more complicated. Moreover, frankly speaking, we don’t invest in Keller Finance Limited broker reviews – we use other tools to promote our platform and its services, and these efforts are quite successful so far.

Q: But if you would use them to promote the company, what would you write there? Alternatively, what would you like to see in written by somebody else in those Forex broker reviews? What should be the key point of Keller Finance Ltd review as of 2022?

JS: Best broker for low-cost trading, I think… May be not the very best yet, but one of them, that is for sure. This is the place in the market that we are planning to reach and hold.

Q: But how does it correspond with the size of minimal deposit of EUR250 for Basic account? It is a bit higher than average for the market, isn’t it?

JS: Is the difference between EUR50-100 and EUR250 really so significant? Please mind that you pay this amount and get a good set of tools to start trading right now, and you can deposit and withdraw money using the various payment methods, from traditional wire transfers to crypto. Fixed or floating spreads, over 25 analytical tools, insured trades and personal account manager. We believe it is a bargain for a trader with experience of zero to minimal.

Q: Another thing mentioned in Keller Finance Limited reviews is the issues with support and the speed of its work…

JS: Yes, I know what you’re talking about. We are aware of these issues and we have developed a set of measures to fix these things. The situation will change very soon. I mean both in terms of speed of their work and its quality.

As for now, we have finished improving the work model of English-speaking support desk and are in the process of expanding this experience all over the whole support department. It may take some time, but we are speaking of weeks, not months.

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