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htc has updated the vive helmets

htc has updated the vive helmets: focus 3 and pro 2 are already her

htc has introduced two virtual reality helmets at once

the wired vive pro 2 and the wireless vive focus 3. it's still expensive, but very interesting…

today, htc has introduced new virtual reality helmets: vive focus 3 and vive pro 2.

vive focus 3 is an updated and redesigned focus plus. The case was made of magnesium alloy, which is stronger and lighter than plastic: modern cameras are made of this alloy. Also added here is a replaceable battery, which is attached to magnets.

inside there are two liquid crystal displays with a resolution of 2.5 k per eye (squares with a side of 2448 pixels). total, the total resolution is 5k.

The viewing angle also increased from 110 to 120 degrees. do not forget about the frequency-it has increased from 60 to 90 hz. Curiously, there are cameras for tracking eye movement.

inside this wireless system, the qualcomm snapdragon xr2 processor, which was created on the basis of the snapdragon 865. there is also provided cooling: there is a copper tube for the heat sink

seriously increased the autonomy — up to 15 hours. There is also fast charging-up to 50% of the headset can be charged in just half an hour.

The helmet has two usb type-c 3.2 connectors, and for a wireless connection there are bluetooth 5.2 and wi-fi 6 modules.

The speakers were also updated, which received a privacy feature — that is, no one should hear what is happening in them.

The controllers have also changed a bit: the double triggers have disappeared here.

the device should be a competitor to facebook's oculus quest 2 (although we add the oculus name out of habit). The headset will be on sale in the summer-june 27, in Russia it will also be possible to buy it, but closer to the fall. the cost bites, but is already familiar for vr-helmets — 1300 us dollars.

vive pro 2 is a new generation of vr helmet for professionals and advanced users. The headset supports dsc video stream compression, and the speakers are hi-res audio certified. also announced is support for all kinds of vive steamvr accessories, including the vive tracker 3.0 body tracker or the facial tracker emotion tracker.

This helmet will cost $ 749 if you pre-order the version without controllers now. Later, the price will rise to $ 799. with a controller and a pair of base stations, the gadget will cost $ 1,399. in Russia, the price for this set will be 141,990 rubles.


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