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Gold may rise in price in 2022.

How much will gold cost in 2022: Metals forecast

In 2022, gold may reach new historical highs.

The average price of gold in 2022 will be 1% higher than in the current year. This forecast was recently announced by analysts of the Metals Focus consulting company.

According to the forecast of Metals Focus experts, a significant increase in the value of gold, silver and platinum in 2022 should not be expected.

So, analysts say, next year the average cost of gold and platinum will be 1% higher than this year, while an ounce of silver in 2022 will give 2% more than now. Palladium will fall in price by 10% in the next 12 months.

At the same time, Tim Hayes, chief investment strategist at Ned Davis Research, noted in a recent interview that gold could reach new historical highs in 2022. In his opinion, if inflation turns out to be more stable and aggressive, then gold will receive long-term support. Plus, the metal will benefit from negative real interest rates, the expert adds.

On December 10, according to trading data, $1,771.58 (-0.29%) is given for an ounce of gold, while silver is trading at $21,892 (-0.55%).

Recall, according to the InTheMoneyStocks expert, in the next couple of months gold can overcome the key resistance at $ 1,875 per ounce, after which the ""yellow metal"" will receive a significant boost in price development.

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