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Finance And Currency Limited scam protection tips: how to protect yourself

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In the aftermath of the global covid-19 pandemic, much of our daily life has gone online. The negative impact of the boom: Cybercriminals are also trying to take advantage of this fact. A commonly used scam is what is known as phishing.

Phishing is an attempt to obtain personal and confidential information. This is often done by email, but it can also be done by SMS or by phone. Fraudsters pose as reputable service providers. Scammers aim to steal sensitive data such as email addresses, usernames, passwords, accounts and financial information. The best defence against phishing attacks is through careful use of the Internet.

Advice from Finance And Currency Limited scam detection team on how to detect phishing in early stages.

Protecting your data is our top priority. Therefore, we would like to explain how you can recognize phishing emails and websites - and what you should do if they are suspected.

Estimated Urgency: a lot of phishing emails try to trick you into thinking that something urgent needs to be done: for example if you don't take immediate action, your account will be at risk. Therefore, an email with a request to disclose sensitive personal information due to a lack of time is always suspicious.

Phishing emails claim to be legitimate and often appear deceptively real at first glance. For example, they have a familiar logo and design. However, at first glance, phishing emails often show spelling and grammatical errors, as well as design flaws.

Personal Information Request: A reputable company will never ask for your password, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, driver's license number, social security number, email, or full name via SMS or email. Thus, you should be deeply sceptical about this request.

General greeting and questionable sender: A general greeting such as "Dear User" is suspicious and indicates bulk spam. So take a close look at the sender's email address. Finance And Currency Limited always addresses its customers by first and last name or company name. Finance And Currency Limited (scam?) never uses phrases such as "Dear user" or "Hello, member of Finance And Currency Limited".

Suspicion? Never Click or Open: Be careful, never click links and buttons in suspicious emails. Do not open attachments spontaneously, as they may contain malware. And under no circumstances should you disclose your personal information, including your date of birth or credit card number, to suspicious sites.

Advice from experts of Finance And Currency Limited scam detection team - how to not become a victim

If you receive a suspicious email, it is best to visit the provider's website by typing the URL in your web browser instead of clicking on links and logging in as usual.

Good to know: encrypted secure pages contain a locked character and "HTTPS" in the address bar. If this notice is from and contains a call to action, you will also find this notice in your Finance And Currency Limited (scam?) account.

As noted by security specialists at Finance And Currency Limited scam emails can contain one or more of the following characteristics:

Written in another language.

The letter comes from an unknown sender (for example, from an unknown bank).

Note: emails can also come from well-known senders.

Sometimes criminals falsify the identities of people whom the victims know personally. Fraudsters can find the information they need, for example, on Facebook.

Sometimes a glance at the sender's email address reveals that it is a fake.

The email says something is wrong with your account, your login details, your transactions, etc.

The sender of the email asks you to provide your password and/or other sensitive information.

The sender asks you to follow the link and log in using it.


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I'm still waiting for the results to bring my work at Finance and currency limited at the end. For now, I'm full of hopes, but also very worried.
Wells Harry 07.10.2021
So good, here begins my trading career! Ta-daaaa! However, I would need much more than just enthusiasm if I want to succeed, soooo. Has anyone been working here with Finance and currency limited? I seriously consider them as a broker option, so I have to research them a little bit
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