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A review of a dangerous project on the Internet ALFATRUST

Dangerous project on the Internet ALFATRUST

Does it look like a scam?

These scammers claim to provide their clients with unconventional investing. They say that here the trader will be able to unleash his full potential.

With the brokerage company ALFATRUST, the trader will be able to achieve significant results in trading. Scammers provide their new users with a large list of areas for investment, but before trusting the false organization, it is required to check all their documentation and reviews, which are plentiful on the Internet.

In order to trade on the exchange with this organization it is not necessary to be a professional trader. All trading will be carried out with the support of an experienced specialist. But it should be understood that the main task of such a specialist is to untwist a new client for huge sums of money. No trading is done on the fraud portal. All the charts are tweaked, and the numbers are taken from the ceiling. You should not even hope to succeed with this deceitful organization. All the actions performed by the scammers on their deceitful portal are aimed at untwisting as many new users as possible for very large sums of money. The deception of customers is also evidenced by the negative feedback from users who were cheated on their money. It is worth noting the fact that the company scammers do not withdraw money from the system. They will do everything possible to have all the money stolen. They may even withdraw a couple of times an insignificant amount of money so that the client believes them and invests in a big way. As soon as they understand that they cannot take anything from the user, they will withdraw the whole deposit. They disappear in an unknown direction and you will never prove anything.

Lying broker ALFATRUST has no license or regulator. This means that it operates in the Russian Federation illegally. This company officially just does not exist. You invest your savings in the air. In possible proceedings you will not be able to prove anything. The broker does not provide his contact information. All of the phone numbers provided on the fraudulent portal are fictitious, you certainly won't be able to reach them. An e-mail address is given, but you will never get a reply to the e-mails sent.

The fraudulent portal provides three trading accounts. The minimum deposit is not insignificant at all and is 104000 dollars. With such a deposit you can count on a 24 percent income. That is the way the swindlers have set their sights. It is obvious that they are professionals in the field of fraud.

We wrote this review with the purpose that nobody else was caught by the swindlers from the false organization ALFATRUST. We hope that no trader would want to cooperate with this lying broker. We strongly recommend to you not to contact the given swindler from ALFATRUST organization, if certainly you do not want to lose all the savings and accumulation. Bypass the cheater from the company ALFATRUST by the side, the more so if you are a new user in this area.



For your peace of mind, we have compiled a complete list of unscrupulous brokers.


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Matthew Chandler
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