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Security experts from DALEFOX LIMITED scam signs to avoid

DALEFOX LIMITED scam or not? DALEFOX LIMITED scam check experts

 DALEFOX LIMITED forex broker


Sometimes it is not a broker who works with you, but a scam DALEFOX LIMITED talks about such cases.

DALEFOX LIMITED is a UK based Forex company. This broker is known in Europe (most of all - among British traders).

The company specializes in providing brokerage services in Forex trading, as well as in the stock market, indices, and raw materials. The broker also works with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Most traders are residents of the UK and Europe.

The broker deals with scam issues as a researcher of the phenomenon. Often, clients come to this company, complaining that they have already managed to get scammed earlier. DALEFOX LIMITED scam check experts explain that the number of Forex scams has only increased since the start of lockdowns. After all, many traders started trading for the first time, and the influx of inexperienced investors provoked scammers who immediately found a way to cash in on the naivete of new traders.

The main sign when you can talk about a scam DALEFOX LIMITED recommends checking company reviews

There is nothing more telling about the quality of a company than customer comments. And while people are more likely to complain than praise, complaints can also be analyzed. If you see that someone has a problem with a broker, he described it, received an answer and a solution - then this is a big plus for the company and its service. If the complaint went unanswered or the client waited too long for a response, it is worth checking whether the violations or disruptions in the company's work were systematic.

What are the signs that the company does not have a transparent policy and tends to ignore the needs of its customers:

The presence of one or two points, which can be answered in the affirmative, is a reason to suspect the broker of not being the most honest position in relation to the client. At the very least, we can talk about a violation of consumer rights, because the client must receive complete and comprehensive information about the service, and must also be able to contact the employees of the company within its working schedule.

But the main thing that should alert potential customers is feedback on delays in receiving funds from the company. To open a account, you must put a deposit on your account with the company. This money will then be invested. When concluding a successful deal or investing in assets that will increase in value, the client makes a profit. He can withdraw this profit within the time frame stipulated by the contract. If suddenly there are problems with the payment of these funds (as in the case of the complete closure of the account and the withdrawal of all the money), this is a reason to suspect the company of fraud.

How do you know if there is a problem? DALEFOX LIMITED scam check tips

What to do if such a situation arises? You can safely write a statement to law enforcement agencies.


To prepare the review, tips from the site were used. Scam and methods of fraud is one of the articles of the weekly monitoring of the Forex situation by the company's specialists. Expert advice can be very helpful to you.


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Brooks Christopher 05.12.2021
An excellent demo account, I tested it 2 days, and then began to trade on real means. Trade conditions are quite profitable. One of the best brokers in the trade of cryptocurrencies. I really like that on the site a lot of useful information about bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.
Barnett Anthony 22.12.2021
I have never had problems with the output of funds or any of their tools and services. I am almost a year with them. They never allowed me to trade alone. Always offer hand help, very sincere and professional.
Grant Roger 24.12.2021
The withdrawal of funds is always fast and easy. Signals are very profitable. Excellent trading services and signals. I get a good profit from this brokerage service. I am very satisfied. His tutorials are comprehensive and very helpful, thanks to them I developed my own trading strategy that turned out to be very successful.
Casey Steven 18.01.2022
I am a newcomer in Forex and searched for a reliable broker with proper regulation. I found Dalefox limited Consultants. A good customer support service is a big advantage, because I may have questions in the initial stages of work.
Potter George 26.01.2022
Dalefox limited Consultants is really good for the practice of beginners, as we can start a demo with a very small amount of money and trade with minimal losses and risks.
Howard Douglas 26.01.2022
Single trade without a connection failure or platform. Deposits are fast, the withdrawal of funds is usually also (1 time 5 days on the bank transfer from the request before enrollment), MT4 is a reliable platform, as you know, support is easily accessible and useful, the spedows on majors are in perfect order.
Hawkins Sydney 07.02.2022
I work with dalefox limited for 4 months, before that another 3 months on the demo version. I am pleased with the service. I have no comments on the work of the terminal, I never had a loss of communication with the server, unlike my other broker. If any problems arise, technical support solves them quickly.
Mathews Willis 14.02.2022
I had experience with many brokers, such as GKFX, Globtrex, Keystock,, XTB, but the liquidity I experienced from dalefox limited, and the rate of ordering orders do not have equal. I have been working with them for more than a year, and no problems with translations (deposits and removal of funds) have not arisen. I can sincerely recommend this broker.
Jackson Brian 24.02.2022
Perhaps this is the best broker with which I ever traded. Good contact with staff, smooth platform work and very high reliability. As far as I can judge, it is probably one of the largest brokers in the world. I am trading in dalefox limited for 1.5 years already (of course, alternating with other brokers) and is still satisfied.
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