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author Matthew Chandler 21 / 07 / 22
Stocks fall as China growth fears intensify

Emerging market stocks fell on Tuesday under pressure from Chinese stocks as a rise in COVID-19 cases domestically raised fears of a further slowdown in economic growth, while currencies were subdued as the dollar stalled near a two-decade peak.

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author Matthew Chandler 10 / 07 / 22
Wall Street: S&P finishes worst half-year since 1970, Nasdaq -29.5%

Wall Street starts today with a meeting officially entering the beginning of the third quarter, after the second quarter marked by strong sales. The third quarter begins for the US stock exchange, still trading.

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author Matthew Chandler 09 / 07 / 22
Euro Dollar Deflates and falls below 1.0300

A sharp downward acceleration for the euro dollar, reaching the key support of 1.0300 after a sharp increase in demand for US dollars after a change in risk sentiment.

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author Matthew Chandler 26 / 06 / 22
Top 4 investments in 2022: what to invest in?

The best investments to focus on in 2022 are next-generation real estate and insurance, cryptocurrencies, furniture rentals, structured funds, private equity, the metaverse, investment in innovative sectors, and sustainable SCPI.

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author Matthew Chandler 20 / 06 / 22
68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Binary options trading offers unparalleled profit potential in the world of finance and stock market investment. But you need to keep your eyes open to protect yourself from scammers.

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author Matthew Chandler 23 / 05 / 22
The French lost 4.5 billion euros due to Internet fraud

The number of ads claiming that the stock market makes it easy to get rich quick is on the rise. Just like scam sites linked to organized crime. For six years, the number of victims has increased.

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Views:766 14 / 03 / 22
Sellfkings: how not to lose all attachments. SCAMMERS!

We analyzed the official website of Sellfkings, got acquainted with the working conditions, made a trip to get demo access to services, studied the existence of papers, the region of registration of the company.

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Views:1329 24 / 01 / 22
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE-test the long-awaited successor to the Galaxy S20 FE

In terms of build quality, this year's FE is probably a bit closer to the A series than it is to the S series. Luckily, the aluminum frame and waterproof body remain.

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Views:1011 23 / 01 / 22
Review of video games - what brought us their creation: problems or scope for creativity?

The problem arises when minors have access to products that are not appropriate for their age. There should be clear parental controls

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Views:1090 19 / 05 / 21
How scammers cheat on Yule

At the same time, the crook can show correspondence with customers in order to prove the excitement and interest in this product, which makes people nervous and ready for anything. In one sitting, scammers on the Yule money transfer can get from 10-12 people, until the account is blocked by support for complaints of abandoned users.

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