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68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

5 binary options trading scams

Binary options trading sites are no longer recommended in 2019, so DroitduNet is informing you of this change.

XTB is a reputable international broker. He managed to convince over 400,000 customers.

It offers +2500 stocks, +300 ETFs and 26 cryptocurrencies.

Its main asset is its Zero Commission stock offer.

Binary option: our advice on how to avoid scams

1 - Only deal with regulated brokers

To protect yourself from being scammed, the first thing you should do is trade ONLY with regulated brokers. We recommend the following 3 brokers with excellent customer service and fast withdrawals:

The regulator will often check the level of professionalism of your broker. This is a guarantee thatyour financial intermediary complies with a code of good practice and that the best interests of the client are at the core of its activities. The regulation also guarantees the separation of customer funds and company capital. If your broker goes bankrupt, your money can be returned to you in full.

2 - Read the terms and conditions

Yes, the texts of the terms and conditions are long and boring, but they are worth it. They allow you to first check the seriousness of the broker (spelling, grammar, text consistency, etc.). They also allow you to detect some illegal conditions such as hidden fees or complicated withdrawal conditions. They also often contain methods to unlock bonuses or promotions. In any case, we advise you not to accept bonuses, but we recommend the training offered by OptionWeb.

3. Learn from the experiences of others

You are probably not the only one who wants to use the best binary options broker. What will matter is the positions you take with this broker. Check binary options trading sites and user reviews for informed opinions weighing the pros and cons. Beware, some advertising sites only contain positive reviews written by the brokers themselves, while other traders scream scams when they simply mismanage their limits and positions. Gather information from several reliable sources to avoid bad moves and find the best broker. On our site we bring you opinions and tests of the best regulated brokers such as Optionweb, the best broker in France.

4 - Check how the bonus works

The bonus is often an important asset that almost all binary options brokers offer you. You should understand that there is an analogue to get this attractive condition. You will often have to trade between 10x and 50x your initial deposit and bonus before you can unlock all or part of the funds deposited on the platform. Read the conditions for accrual and withdrawal of bonuses in detail in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when you want to return your money.

We advise you to NEVER accept bonuses

5 - Know who your conversation partner is

Do not blindly trust traders from binary options sites from the very beginning, you should not rush into a decision. If you are persistently asked to provide your credit card number, ask to test on a free account first. Try to make sure your broker has a physical address and offices (no PO boxes) and call their support team to make sure they are really there and competent.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to avoid the vast majority of binary options scams. These tips are for the most part true for forex brokers as well and should always be followed to avoid a bad experience.

Binary option: BONUS

There are no secrets or easy money. Traders who manage to win in the long run have worked very hard and trained for years.

If you have a good head, read a lot of books, follow tutorials, webinars, books, podcasts.

If you are actively involved in the trading community, are curious, and have a solid foundation, then in the long run you can become part of a small percentage of successful traders.

If you think that trading is not for you, then we advise you to play in demo mode and invest your money in a low-risk way, i.e. into your savings account, into bonds, into stocks in companies that will never fail. (like Coca-Cola, which made Warren Buffett's fortune) or real estate.

There are no big profits without big risks. Trading binary options and currencies is a very volatile and risky market where you can win or lose big.

For your peace of mind, we have compiled a complete list of unscrupulous brokers.


Matthew Chandler
Matthew Chandler
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